[GA4] #4. Analysis and Report Utilization

To effectively utilize GA4, use these key reports and analysis tools:

  1. Real-Time Reports: Monitor user activity on your website and app in real time.
  2. Exploration Reports: Deep dive into user journeys to identify and improve drop-off points.
  3. Segment Analysis: Define and compare specific user groups for refined marketing strategies.
  4. Conversion Reports: Analyze how key events convert, understanding paths and rates.
  5. Custom Reports: Create tailored reports to visualize and analyze data specific to business needs.

1. Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports allow you to monitor user activity on your website or app as it happens.

Example: Real-Time Campaign Monitoring

  • ShopMaster launches a new advertising campaign.
  • They use real-time reports to monitor traffic changes immediately after the campaign launch.
  • By tracking user acquisition channels, device usage, and visited pages in real time, they can make immediate adjustments if needed.

2. Exploration Reports

Exploration Reports provide in-depth analysis of user behavior. You can analyze user segments, events, and page-specific data to gain detailed insights.

Example: User Journey Analysis

  • ShopMaster wants to understand the user path from the product page to the purchase completion page.
  • Using exploration reports, they analyze the path ‘Product Page > Cart > Checkout > Purchase Complete’.
  • They identify high drop-off points in the journey and improve the content or UI of those pages.

3. Segment Analysis

Segment Analysis allows you to define specific user groups and compare their behaviors. This enables more refined marketing strategies.

Example: New vs. Returning Users Analysis

  • ShopMaster analyzes the behavior differences between new and returning users.
  • They create segments for new and returning users.
  • Comparing metrics like page views, session duration, and conversion rates, they develop targeted re-engagement strategies for returning users.

4. Conversion Reports

Conversion Reports track how conversion events occur, including conversion paths and rates.

Example: Purchase Conversion Analysis

  • ShopMaster analyzes the purchase conversion rate.
  • Using conversion reports, they examine the conversion path ‘Product Page > Cart > Checkout > Purchase Complete’.
  • They find a high drop-off rate on the checkout page and decide to simplify the checkout process or offer more payment options.

5. Custom Reports

Custom Reports allow you to visualize and analyze data tailored to specific business needs.

Example: Performance Analysis of a Specific Product Category

  • ShopMaster creates a custom report to analyze the performance of a specific product category.
  • They visualize data on page views, add-to-cart actions, and purchase completions for the category.
  • This helps them identify popular products and areas needing improvement.

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